Coronavirus – an update for those considering joining Setfords as a home-working consultant lawyer

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the ability to work remotely has never been more important. Setfords Solicitors is continuing to recruit consultant lawyers who are based in their own homes. We can get you set up in a few days so you can start helping clients. Our business development and marketing teams, and our customer-facing website, continue to connect our 200-plus consultant lawyers with those most in need of assistance. Below are answers to some of the most important questions you might have. If you wish to apply immediately, you can click here.

Can I still become a consultant at Setfords as the UK deals with the Coronavirus?

Yes. There are many reasons people apply to become consultants, but the primary one is because they want to take control of their working life. Whatever your circumstances, we are interested in speaking to you. We have spent more than 10 years perfecting remote-working, and we can help you embrace a new way of delivering legal services.

Can I get set up as a Setfords consultant without having social contact?

Yes. We can discuss consultancy over the phone or through video chat. Our IT department can set you up remotely and we have an online induction programme which includes full training on all our systems. Agreements can be signed with electronic signatures.

How long will it take to get set-up and start operating as a consultant lawyer at Setfords?

Days, not weeks. If you have files you wish to transfer it may take a little longer, but we would expect to have lawyers up and running within a maximum of seven days, regardless of circumstances.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a broadband connection and a Windows PC or laptop. We will provide a work VoIP telephone and BigHand microphone.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, will I still be able to access the support I need to operate within my legal discipline? E.g. How will you help me get documents signed if many of your staff are now working from home?

  • The vast majority of our 70-plus office-based staff are now working remotely, but all have been provided with all the necessary equipment to continue to carry out their work and to support our lawyers.
  • All incoming mail is uploaded to our case management system.
  • The bulk of legal documentation can be sent out by email, and we have a team of secretaries to assist with this.
  • Essential documents can still be sent by post by our skeleton team at Head Office.
  • We have access to an electronic signature service, further reducing the need for clients to post documents.
  • We have conference and video-calling facilities which allow us to hold online meetings and discussions.
  • We have implemented a wellbeing programme to ensure our teams feel supported in their new working environment, ensuring they can continue to deliver the same high level of service to our clients.

Will I be able to access advice about building or maintaining a client base, and how to best communicate with clients remotely?

Yes. We have over 230 lawyers and a large support team who can offer advice and support, along with a plethora of learning materials. Our marketing and sales team generates millions of pounds of business a year for our lawyers. Our lawyers share access to new enquiries and assistance from our marketing team to help with lead generation and conversion of new business. Our lawyers also regularly refer work within the network, which is one of the benefits of us being a full-service law firm with nationwide coverage.

I am worried about receiving regular income. If I join as a consultant when will I be paid?

Our lawyers are paid when the firm has been paid by the client and we do not restrict how frequently you can invoice us for your share of the fees.

What are my next steps?

If you wish to find out more about the benefits of working as a consultant you can explore our website. To speak to someone directly or start the process of joining please click here.

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        This allows us to send you the information you need to know about consultancy

        This enables us to get in touch and discuss life as a Setfords consultant

        Currently, we can only work with lawyers qualified under one of these regulatory bodies