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Family lawyer Minara Hannan benefits from business development support at Setfords 

What’s holding you back from becoming a consultant lawyer? For many, it’s worrying about how they will generate work. If this sounds like you, the business development (BD) team at Setfords is here to help.  

It’s no secret that we invest huge amounts of time and resources into our support teams. They’re the lifeblood of our business, supporting our lawyers with everything from scanning and filing their post to assisting with their marketing efforts.  

One of our most popular and long-standing departments is our BD team. Their job is to pass leads for new business onto our lawyers. They receive leads from our marketing team from almost all areas of law, helping them to build their caseloads and profile as a consultant. This support is hugely valuable to many of our consultants, especially those who are just starting out and could benefit from a few extra leads. 

But, don’t just take our word for it. We spoke to family lawyer Minara Hannan, who joined us in June 2022, about her experience with the business development team and Setfords as a whole.  

Freedom to build your business 

Firstly, why did Minara decide to join us at Setfords? The key reason was flexibility and freedom – our fee-share model enables our lawyers to choose their own schedule entirely – but it was the support of our BD team that really won her over: 

“I received a call from Setfords initially. I decided to join for the flexibility that it offers. I thought that it was a unique model, and getting work from the BD team is a bonus.”  

Consultancy is truly all about freedom. Whether that’s freedom from billing targets, a long commute, office politics, the race to partner, or endless hours in the office, consultancy can offer something for everyone. You’re in charge of your working day, hours, clients, and more, making for the ultimate level of flexibility for lawyers. Our BD team is designed to add to this sense of freedom, by helping lawyers establish their client base and have the confidence to try consultancy.   

We’re set apart from the rest 

Sometimes, we get asked why we invest so much into our various support teams, when our lawyers are technically self-employed. The answer is that investing in our support teams is also an investment in our lawyers and their ability to produce high-quality work whilst embracing the work-life balance that works for them. Plus, we know that becoming a consultant lawyer can be daunting if you’re used to traditional practice. So, our support teams, especially business development, can act as a kind of ‘safety blanket,’ making our lawyers feel assured that we are here to help them make a success of consultancy. Minara says: 

‘I absolutely love the Business Development team. Jenny, Harry, and Rachel have tailored their approach to my needs, without their support I don’t feel as though I would have been as successful’. They are  very friendly and supportive.” 

Consultancy is a great option for lawyers for many different reasons. But with the number of fee share firms out there growing, why choose Setfords? We believe that our support system is what truly sets us apart from the rest, and our BD team is a key part of this. In fact, the team is many of our lawyers’ favourite thing about working with us – Minara included. She says:  

“I enjoy the flexibility with Setfords, and the ability to work with and be part of the BD team in creating quality caseload, they’re such a great team.” 

So, does Minara have any final words for those considering consultancy with Setfords? Due to her experience with us and our business development experts, she says:  

“If you are looking for  flexibility and quality work, then Setfords is a good choice’.  

If you’re a lawyer looking to take the next step in your career, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for lawyers from any discipline who are motivated, entrepreneurial, and want to embrace a better work-life balance. Please get in touch with us below to arrange and chat and discuss how consultancy could work for you. 

Is consultancy for me?

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