Wellbeing at Setfords

Dedicated care for our lawyer network

At Setfords, our lawyers’ wellbeing is essential, and we want to ensure they can access any extra support they need to stay healthy and enjoy their work. As such, our dedicated Wellbeing Team is here to help ensure your happiness in your consultancy role.

Promoting and supporting wellbeing is at the heart of Setfords’ mission to achieve a better way of working. We believe that healthy and supportive workplaces help people flourish and reach their potential. This means creating an environment that actively promotes wellbeing, for the benefit of both consultants and the wider organisation.

We founded Setfords on the premise that happier lawyers mean happier clients.

Guy Setford, Co-CEO

Happy lawyers, happy clients

We encourage our consultants to fit their work around their life, not the other way around. Our model means that there are no set working hours or expectations to be in the office. Without billing targets, consultants can choose the amount of work that they take on, making it easy to find time for the things outside of work that make life so great!

Our model is here to provide lawyers with what they need to thrive, so that they can serve their clients better.

Marissa Ayres, Head of Wellbeing

Setfords’ approach to wellbeing

Our dedicated Wellbeing Team provides ongoing support for consultants. This includes:

Building and nurturing relationships with individual consultants.

Constant communication with lawyers to ensure ongoing connection on a friendly, social basis.

Adjusting consultant workloads based on each persons situation, wants and needs.

Addressing issues such as stress or anxiety before they become a problem.

Facilitating introductions with other lawyers across the business for referrals, advice and support on work matters.

Organising fun social events for consultants and staff to ensure everyone has time to relax and enjoy themselves with the wider firm.

Running webinars and podcasts for consultants and staff that are informative, helpful, rewarding and entertaining.

The Setfords wellbeing team

Harriet Leonard

Lawyer Wellbeing Executive

T.01483 375 674

Caitlin Ruddy

Lawyer Wellbeing Executive

T.01483 375 674

Raj Achall

Consultant Care Executive

T.01483 375 674

We celebrate and reward our consultants
every time they hit a Setfords milestone


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