Collaboration for lawyers

The Importance of Collaboration for Lawyers 

Lawyers are no stranger to the concept of collaboration. Indeed, it’s one of the cornerstones of the legal industry. From complex litigation teams to in-house counsel working across an entire business, success as a lawyer often hinges on being able to work effectively with others.  

But, the legal industry in the UK is changing and with it, collaboration takes on a whole new meaning. This is particularly true for consultant lawyers. The nature of their work as self-employed, remote lawyers can present unique challenges for collaborating effectively. This article explores some key strategies to ensure that lawyers of all kinds, whether they’re consultants or not, can thrive in a collaborative environment.  

But why is collaboration so important for lawyers? 

Across the industry, collaboration is the driving force behind innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Long gone are the days when lawyers would work completely independently. Instead, modern legal professionals thrive in environments that encourage teamwork and sharing expertise.  

Collaboration is also important because it allows lawyers to pool their different skills, knowledge, and perspectives to tackle more complex legal challenges. This is sure to be a benefit for any law firm that’s looking to take on bigger cases or simply encourage their lawyers to work together more effectively.  

Key strategies for effective collaboration for lawyers 

When it comes to collaboration, having the right tools and strategies in place can help things run far more smoothly. Here are some top approaches to consider: 

Clear communication channels 

Collaboration can’t be successful if communication isn’t clear. In the legal world, communication comes from many sources. There are colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders to consider, and clear, consistent communication can make things a lot easier. This can take many forms, including: 

  • Ensuring roles are clearly defined from the beginning, so that everyone knows their place in the project and what they need to do 
  • Expectations should also be clear from the outset, so there is a common goal to be working towards 
  • Being proactive is key. Don’t simply wait for someone to ask you for an update, proactively seek the information you need, regularly communicate your progress, and anticipate any potential roadblocks along the way.  

Take advantage of technology 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, with the development of Artificial Intelligence being a particular point of interest. As useful as AI tools can be for lawyers, in the remote working era we shouldn’t overlook other collaboration tools to help lawyers work together with ease. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, cloud-based storage, and collaborative document editing tools enable real-time collaboration, no matter where in the world the team members are located. Using tools like these can also help reduce feelings of isolation when legal teams are working remotely. 

A culture of trust and respect  

The best kind of collaboration happens when lawyers feel respected, empowered, and are happy in their work. When lawyers can build strong interpersonal relationships with their colleagues, everyone’s voice can be heard, and effective collaboration becomes second nature. Lawyers can help cultivate these kinds of environments in several ways, including: 

  • Being open and honest about your areas of expertise and experience, as well as being receptive to giving and receiving feedback. 
  •  Always celebrating others’ successes, recognising their strengths, and acknowledging that collaboration is always a two-way street that only happens when positive teamwork is prioritised.  
  • Take the time to get to know the people you’re working with, both professionally and personally. Understanding their work style, strengths, and weaknesses can greatly improve collaboration. 

Collaborative Strategies for Consultant Lawyers 

The points mentioned above can apply to all lawyers, no matter their location or type of employment. However, putting effort into successful collaboration is perhaps even more important for consultant lawyers, who are less likely to have face-to-face contact with their colleagues and clients.  


Attending industry events, joining online communities, and connecting with other legal professionals both in and outside of your skillset is a great way to expand your network and open up future opportunities for collaboration. 

Client relationship management 

Collaboration with clients is an often-overlooked area, but ensuring your clients have a superior service every time is crucial for building up repeat business and referrals. For more tips about how to excel at client service, click here to read our article on this topic.  

Identify your niche 

Specialising in a particular area of law helps set you apart from others and become a highly sought-after expert in the legal industry. This can also help you to attract clients and collaborate with other lawyers who need your specific expertise. For more information on setting yourself apart and creating a personal brand as a lawyer, click here to read our article.  

At Setfords, we are experienced in encouraging collaboration between consultant lawyers. As a pioneer of the ‘platform law’ model, we’ve been helping lawyers make the most of remote working and all the other benefits of consultancy for almost twenty years. If you’re a UK-qualified lawyer with 5+ years’ PQE and you want to set your own hours, choose your own clients, and earn a larger percentage of your billings, we want to hear from you. Get in touch below to find out more about everything Setfords has to offer.  

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