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Setfords For Life

Enriching your working life

Our Setfords For Life initiative encompasses a range of benefits, programmes, and features to help nourish the mind, body, and soul of our consultants and office staff.

We know that for lawyers to do their best work, we must support their wellbeing. As a result, we have put together a comprehensive list of features and perks. Our consultants can enjoy and use them to take care of their mental and physical health.

Find out about the initiative and what’s available for you at Setfords here.


  • We have a dedicated wellbeing team who are the first point of contact for any queries from our consultants. They’ll stay in regular contact with you to ensure you’re happy at work, and can assist you with any issues. 
  • We run regular webinars on beneficial wellbeing subjects such as work-life balance, and invite experts in areas such as motivation and meditation.
  • We have several trained Mental Health First Aiders on hand to support consultants with their mental health, virtually or in person.

In the office

  • Consultants are welcome to take advantage of any of the Setfords For Life features available in our Guildford Head Office if they are local or even just visiting. This includes the on-site gym, healthy food and snacks, chill out areas, and more.


  • Our Consultant Book Club gives you an opportunity to meet others from across the firm and enjoy a hobby together outside of work.
  • We hold regular parties for consultants and office staff to attend, meet, and mix with each other. This gives you regular opportunities to meet with colleagues that you may have been talking to virtually in a face-to-face environment. The parties are designed to help foster a culture of inclusivity and community within the Setfords family.

Setfords For Life in the office

We want to ensure that our office-based staff can enjoy plenty of Setfords For Life benefits too! Our newly-opened Head Office in Guildford has been designed with mental and physical wellbeing in mind. But the initiative doesn’t stop there. Some of the things that our office staff and visiting consultants can benefit from include:


  • Our Guildford Head Office, opened in November 2021, includes an on-site gym that is free for all staff to use before, during, and after work. The gym is host to several Peloton bikes and other equipment, alongside training on how to use everything.
  • Our Wellness Consultant, Loukas Beardwood, has a focus on overall wellbeing. He is on hand to provide personalised training plans, fitness tips, and advice on healthy meal plans. He also sends regular email newsletters with wellbeing information for staff to take on board.

Healthy Eating

  • Healthy food is available in our on-site bistro. This includes balanced breakfasts and lunches with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, healthy snacks such as fruit and snack bars are available throughout the day.
  • Staff are encouraged to pay a small charitable donation for their meals. This allows us to give back to our community and causes that are important to us.

Mental Health

  • We have several trained Mental Health First Aiders on-site to help staff manage their mental health.
  • The Wellbeing Team organises webinars on wellbeing topics such as creating a good work-life balance.
  • Our office environment is set up to prioritise wellbeing. For example, we have standing desks to encourage active working and chill-out areas for quiet working, taking time out, or talking to colleagues on a more informal basis.

We are constantly working to improve the Setfords For Life programme and what we offer to support our team’s mental health and general wellbeing. Some of the projects currently in the works include:

  • A range of new classes in the on-site gym, such as yoga, pilates, and barre. These will be both in-person, live-streamed, and saved online for future use.
  • Comprehensive training for all managers, including on how to manage mental health concerns within their teams.
  • Self-defence classes are to be offered in the on-site gym.

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