There’s never been a better time to work in remote consultancy

Remote working has become increasingly popular over the last few decades, yet only recently has it become more mainstream.

At Setfords, it has been at the core of our remote consultancy business model for over a decade, and we now have over 500 lawyers working remotely across the UK. Not only can you choose your working environment, but you also receive the most comprehensive legal support on offer from our 140+ strong Guildford-based team.

Working from home isn’t your only option, though, as you are free to take on your own office space or make use of our high-end facilities as and when you need. There has never been a better time to move from the stuffy, crowded office you’ve been working in for all these years! And, you can do it whilst earning up to 80% of your fees, too. Below are some key benefits of remote working that you can experience as a consultant lawyer with Setfords:

Better Work-Life Balance
Remote consultancy opens up doors to the things you want to be doing without the constraint of working 9-5 in an office every day. This could be anything from walking your dog to going to that concert you want to attend without having to ask your boss for permission.

Larger Rewards
At a traditional firm, you can usually expect to take home only around a third of your billings. At Setfords, this can be up to 80%. You can get paid the same or even more for less time spent at work, offering you more of the rewards that you deserve. Find out more about our remuneration structure on our Rewards page.

Free Up Time
Without a commute, you could be saving hours of your day, which you would usually spend sitting in traffic or on public transport. Instead, you have the freedom to spend that time doing things you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to do, from spending more time with family to pursuing your favourite hobbies.

Money Savings
Similar to the time commuting many workers spend money getting to and from work due to petrol costs, parking, car maintenance. And then, there is money to be spent on a professional wardrobe, childcare and lunches out. This is all reduced with remote consultancy.

Positive Environmental Impact
By not commuting every day and working from home or elsewhere, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted and, in some cases, the impact on paper, heating and light usage is reduced.

Increased Productivity
Having the option to work from somewhere other than the noisy and busy office presents many people with the opportunity to knuckle down and get more work done.

A Happier Work Life
Remote working reduces stress, improve relationships and provide more time for hobbies outside of work. Studies have shown that remote working has a positive impact on employee retention.

Better Health
Working in remote consultancy has many health benefits, such as having more time for physical activity and eating healthier. Furthermore, working away from a large office allows people to better recover from illness and reduce exposure to diseases such as cold and flu

We have developed our platform over the last 13 years with the best back office support available. This structure means many of our lawyers don’t even need to meet with their clients, allowing them to work from wherever they choose, with many working from the comfort of their own home.

Chris Setford, Co-CEO

The benefits of being a consultant lawyer with Setfords

Unlimited earning potential

Set your own work-life balance

Work from anywhere

140+ strong expert support team

Nationwide network of 500+ lawyers

A dedicated business development team

At Setfords we will empower you to fulfil your dreams. So whether it’s earning more money, achieving a greater work-life balance, or both, we will work day and night to ensure you get the back-up you need to reach your full potential.

Guy Setford, Co-CEO

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