Why Become A Consultant Lawyer At Setfords?
5 Simple Reasons

Today, Setfords has over 450 consultant lawyers – and you could be one of them!

Legal consultancy is becoming an ever more popular choice for lawyers in the UK. And for a good reason. It brings so many benefits, allowing you to build the lifestyle you want without sacrificing your career. All you need is a talented legal mind, a few clients to get you going, and a belief that you can succeed as a consultant. Still not convinced? Here are our five top reasons why you should become a Setfords Consultant Lawyer.


Become a consultant lawyer and make a difference.

At Setfords, we embrace factors that make people happy, such as trust, security, wealth and freedom. Trust is part of the bedrock of our firm. We deliver what we promise to our consultant lawyers so that they can deliver on their promises to their clients.

You might think that working as a consultant lawyer doesn’t provide much security, but we would argue the opposite. To be at a stage where you are genuinely ready to be a consultant lawyer, you will have accumulated two key things: loyal clients and the ability to bring in new ones. If you are truly good at your job, wherever you go your clients will follow.

Because we don’t set billing targets, you can decide how many clients you have at any one time to ensure that every single one gets the excellent service they deserve. And, as we all know, a happy client is a loyal one!

Finally, we come to freedom. That’s what being a consultant lawyer is all about. At Setfords, you are in control of your life. You decide how many clients you have, where you work, and when you work. Our sole focus is helping you to deliver a brilliant service to your clients. How, when and where you do this is entirely up to you.

The good thing about happiness is there’s plenty to go around. At Setfords, we’ve certainly got our fair share! So, what’s stopping you? Take the steps to become a consultant lawyer, and you can make a real difference to your clients and your own lifestyle. A sense of trust, security, wealth and freedom are all factors that can make us happier. With our consultancy model, you really can ‘have it all,’ no matter what that may look like for you.

I’m so happy that I made the move to Setfords; I won’t go back to my old life.

Marija Markovic, Consultant Family Solicitor


Improve your health and productivity.

Working for a traditional firm involving so many clients and so little time means that there’s not much room to spare for a proper break. And, most people understandably reach for the quickest, most accessible food available. The type of food that spikes your sugar levels and leaves you feeling sluggish and hungry again just an hour later. All too often, your health and wellbeing just can’t be a priority. But a better option is out there.

At Setfords, most of our lawyers are based at home either some or all of the time. Therefore, instead of being stuck in an office with the local sandwich bar or vending machine as the only option to get food, our lawyers have the opportunity to enjoy their breaks from the comfort of their own homes. The good intentions of your weekly shop, with healthy ingredients for balanced meals, can actually be put to good use!

Being healthier isn’t just crucial to your wellbeing; it’s also beneficial to your productivity. When you couple that increased productivity with the greater rewards if you become a consultant lawyer at Setfords, it becomes quickly apparent that this is a wiser choice. You are in control of your career, and ultimately, that makes it easier to be in control of your diet and health. Being a consultant lawyer doesn’t just revolutionise your career. It’s a change that brings comprehensive benefits to your entire lifestyle.

That’s what Setfords gives you, the flexibility.

Tom Flatau, Head of Real Estate


Take home up to 80% of your billings.

The reality of the traditional legal industry is that you will earn far more for the law firm that employs you than you will ever make for yourself. That’s how the legal world works. But, what if there was another, very different reality?

At Setfords, our business model allows those that become a consultant lawyer to earn far more for themselves than what they would earn at a firm, by building relationships with clients and delivering superior legal services that keep them coming back for more. Our fees are structured around our consultants and not senior partners. And, our fee-share structure is based around rewards, meaning that the more you achieve, the more significant the remuneration.

Our fee share structure is a split of between 50 – 80% depending on how much you’re billing. For example, if you billed £300,000, your fee share would be £210,000. To make the same level of income in a traditional firm, it’s likely you’d have to bill more than £600,000. There are no hidden costs; our support package covers everything you could need from secretarial to technical support, scanning to compliance. The result? Happier lawyers, earning what they deserve, with the support to do their best work every day.

It’s been more successful than I could possibly have imagined.

Jane Lockyer, Real Estate Consultant


Make time for the things that matter.

The law industry’s long hours and high-stress culture mean many lawyers spend far too much time in the office and not enough time at home or out socialising with the important people in their lives. A workplace poll by the mental health charity Mind found one in six people said strain at work had affected their marriage or relationship. Excessive workload, not enough support and unrealistic targets were cited as the leading causes of that strain.

Our way of operating, where lawyers work for themselves under the umbrella of Setfords, with the indemnity insurance and market-leading support structure that brings, has several key benefits where relationships are concerned. If you become a consultant lawyer, these benefits start with the ability to work from the location of your choice. That could be your home, a private office, or even your villa in Spain!

Consultants are their own bosses and have only one primary concern; delivering the best service for their clients. But at Setfords, that doesn’t mean being tied to a desk in an office, working to someone else’s schedule. Thanks to our use of technology and our extensive support team, you have instant remote access to everything you need. And that simply means that you can work from home, as the majority of our consultants do. Of course, the benefit of that is less commuting, meaning shorter hours, and therefore more time spent with the people dearest to you. It’s a win-win situation.

It has removed a lot of stress from my life. No commuting, more flexibility, more time with my children.

Anne Thomas, Senior Consultant


A stress-free model built around you.

The level of stress in the legal sector is well documented. However, it is still a significant issue. The symptoms of stress and a working life that is out of balance can do a lot more than bringing on symptoms. If ignored, they can take years off your life. So how do you ensure you don’t cut your life short whilst still pursuing the career you used to love…? You become a consultant lawyer with Setfords!

Being a consultant with us allows you to work for yourself under the safety umbrella we provide. Support is continuously available alongside vital indemnity insurance to allow you to work to the best of your ability. In turn, this eradicates many issues typically associated with the stress of working as a lawyer in a traditional firm.

By removing those unrealistic billing targets, you ultimately eliminate the long working hours and ensuing exhaustion and stress–an all too familiar experience for those working in traditional firms. By becoming your own boss, you can work when and where you want to work. This also means setting the targets that make sense for your personal goals, ambitions, and interests.

Not having billing targets has been refreshing. It’s great to be able to set your own personal goals.

David Taylor, Consultant

At Setfords we will empower you to fulfil your dreams. So whether it’s earning more money, achieving a greater work-life balance, or both, we will work day and night to ensure you get the back-up you need to reach your full potential.

Guy Setford, Co-CEO

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