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Why become a fee share solicitor?

Become a fee share solicitor and take control of your income, your career and your life.

Want to reignite your passion for law and your career? Yearn for a better work-life balance? Are you looking for more flexibility in how and where you do your job? Perhaps you’re searching for a way to serve your clients more effectively? A better way of working is out there that can tick all of these boxes and more. We’re looking for talented solicitors to join us and begin their journey towards building a career that works for them. Setfords is here to bring you a more rewarding life as a solicitor. And, with award-winning support services that enable you to work however and whenever you wish, there has never been a better time to get on board with the fee share model.

Why become a fee share solicitor at Setfords?

Unlimited earning potential

Set your own work-life balance

Work from anywhere

140+ strong expert support team

Nationwide network of 500+ lawyers

A dedicated business development team

Join our national network

As a fee share solicitor at Setfords, you can immediately become part of something bigger. With an extensive network of more than 500 solicitors from different disciplines, it’s easy to access new opportunities and team projects. And, with plenty of chances for cross-referral, you can better serve your clients, knowing that all of the solicitors in our network are talented and professional. Happier clients mean a better working life for you, so our close-knit network brings many advantages.

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Why choose Setfords?

The fee share model is growing in popularity. As a result, there are now more firms than ever to choose between. So, why should you select Setfords above the rest? Established in 2006, we have plenty of experience in this space and are now one of the largest fee share firms in the UK.We have put our years of experience to good use, developing a system of support for our fee share solicitors that goes far above and beyond the bare minimum offered by many other firms. Alongside the basics you should expect, such as insurance, CMS, and admin support, we also diligently invest in lead generation.Our business development and marketing teams are award-winning and have generated over £3m of new business for our solicitors in the last twelve months alone. We do everything we can to support our solicitors and ensure that they have everything they need to make the most out of the fee share model.

Frequently asked questions

Working as a consultant solicitor involves generating your own work. However, we’ll never leave you completely on your own. We have an award-winning Marketing and Business Development team that generates thousands of quality leads every year for our lawyers. Knowing this gives our consultant solicitors more confidence when they join and it often helps get them up and running.

We have recently invested in a new system to make the delivery of leads to our consultants even smoother, giving them greater flexibility and control over the process.
Yes, you are free to bring staff to help you as a consultant solicitor. However, bear in mind that any employees you bring will be employed by you, and not Setfords.
When it comes to setting you up as a consultant solicitor at Setfords, you can progress as quickly or slowly as you wish. That said, we always aim to minimise delays and have even had consultants get set up in as little as two days!
Training on how to use all of our systems is available to consultants before their launch date. Beyond that, refresher training is provided if it’s needed, as well as training should we introduce anything new.

Yes, as a consultant you do not have to work exclusively with us. The majority of our consultant lawyers don’t choose to take on multiple roles, but we understand that you may wish to and do not restrict your ability to do so.

Yes! Our Head Office in Guildford has plenty of space for our lawyers to work and meet clients, and our location on London’s Chancery Lane is also available for the same. This is particularly popular for its proximity to the capital’s legal heart.

Setfords consultants are also free to set up their own office locations, and we have a number of these locations across the country.

Absolutely! One of the biggest perks of being a consultant solicitor is the fact that you can set your own schedule. Whether you want to make the most of your early mornings, take meetings on weekends to fit your client’s schedule, or stick to the traditional 9-5, as a consultant solicitor it’s totally up to you.

Yes, as a Setfords consultant solicitor you are free to set your own fees if you wish. Please note that any pre-quoted work coming through our Business Development team will have set fees.
Becoming a consultant lawyer gives you amazing freedom and flexibility, including when and where you work. You can be based at home, at one of our offices, at your own office in the UK, or even your holiday home.

Most of our consultants choose to work primarily from home, but it all depends on what’s best for you and your clients. Whatever you choose, you won’t have to relocate, and we welcome consultants who are based all over England, Wales, and beyond.
We encourage our solicitors to take as much time as they want for holidays, and we also understand that sometimes you may be too unwell to work. However, this is never an issue at Setfords.

It’s highly likely that one of the other 450+ solicitors will be able to cover you during this time. We encourage networking with your fellow consultant solicitors, and the staff at Head Office can help you find people to cover you too. Failing that, you can bring in locum cover, but this is almost never necessary!
Our dedicated compliance department provides regular webinars and other similar material for our solicitors. Beyond this, the responsibility to seek continued professional development lies with you as a consultant.
Setfords provides all of our consultant solicitors with a desk VoIP phone and dictaphone to get you started. A deposit is taken for this. You will need to use your own computer and broadband connection to get started.

What’s next?

We’re always keen to speak with more talented solicitors who think our fee share model could work for them. And, there’s no time limit, whether you want to move now, in a few months, or even potentially years down the line. To start your journey to become a fee share solicitor today, please get in touch to find out more, and we can answer any further questions you may have about the better ways of working that we can offer

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What our consultants say

Not only do I now have happier clients, but also a healthier work-life balance. A true win-win.

David Miers

Consultant (Stress at Work)

I love that it’s all up to me – what I do, when I work, I’m the master of my own destiny.

Maria Schultz

Consultant (Residential and Commercial Property)

It gives you a better work life balance, it gives you greater work satisfaction and it can boost your self-esteem. It has made me a happier and more confident lawyer.

Thowheetha Shaah

Consultant (Family Law)

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