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Be your own boss by taking control of your income, your career and your life.

2019 marked a milestone of 100 years of women in law. It was a momentous occasion and one that Setfords took delight in celebrating. Currently, 61% of the firm’s consultant lawyers are female and make up 65% of our top 20 billers and 64% of our total employees. We’re always looking for more talent to join our female lawyer network and embrace a better way of working. Work around family commitments, hobbies, travel, and more, all while earning better rewards and building a career that works for you with like-minded colleagues.

The Role

We are currently seeking UK qualified lawyers from across England and Wales, with five-plus years of post qualified experience. Compared to traditional setups, our network of more than 450 lawyers enjoy excellent financial remuneration, a better work-life balance, and are free from the distraction of office politics, management responsibility and billing targets. At Setfords, you can experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy being self-employed and work when and where you want whilst knowing that our expert Guildford-based team is on hand to provide you with all of the professional support you need to deliver a great service for your clients.

The Key Benefits Of Our Female Lawyer Network

Earn up to 80% of what you bill

At a typical law firm, you might expect to keep only around a third of your billings. At Setfords, it can be up to 80%. Not only are you able to work to a flexible schedule, but you can also earn more for doing so.

Decide your hours

You don’t have to work to someone else’s schedule. That means no more regimented 9-5 hours! Work whenever suits you and your clients best. Attend family events and other commitments without feeling guilty for missing work, or serve your clients better by being there when they really need you.

No billing targets

Are you fed up with impossible billing targets? At Setfords, you can set your own targets and goals that are better suited to your personal ambitions and the direction you want to take your career in.

Work from wherever suits you most

Lengthy commutes can be a thing of the past! Work from home, your own office, one of the Setfords offices, or even from abroad! With no culture of presenteeism, you have the freedom to choose the best location for you.

Choose your clients

It’s up to you how many clients you take on at any one time and who they are. Work in particular areas of interest and serve your clients better by giving each one the personal attention they deserve.

Award-winning support hub in Guildford

Experience all the benefits that self-employment can bring without any of the time-consuming admin! Our support teams are on hand to help with anything from IT to business development. Find out more by clicking here.

Free marketing and sales support teams

Our expert marketing and sales support teams are here to help you develop your presence and attract new clients in your chosen area of law.

A perfect work-life balance determined by you

Whatever the ideal work-life balance looks like to you, you’ll have the freedom to create it at Setfords. Finally, you can fit your career around your life, not your life around your career. Feel happier and more fulfilled with time to pursue your passions both in and outside of law.

A career that works around your lifestyle

We have found that the “new model” has enabled mothers to get back into their careers at their own pace, compared to the pressures of a traditional model firm, where this often seems impossible. Equally, it is there for lawyers who want to cut ties with office management and politics, not having to deal with staffing costs, and those simply wanting to practice law and maximise their earning potential.

Frequently asked questions

Working as a consultant solicitor involves generating your own work. However, we’ll never leave you completely on your own. We have an award-winning Marketing and Business Development team that generates thousands of quality leads every year for our lawyers. Knowing this gives our consultant solicitors more confidence when they join and it often helps get them up and running.

We have recently invested in a new system to make the delivery of leads to our consultants even smoother, giving them greater flexibility and control over the process.
Yes, you are free to bring staff to help you as a consultant solicitor. However, bear in mind that any employees you bring will be employed by you, and not Setfords.
When it comes to setting you up as a consultant solicitor at Setfords, you can progress as quickly or slowly as you wish. That said, we always aim to minimise delays and have even had consultants get set up in as little as two days!
Training on how to use all of our systems is available to consultants before their launch date. Beyond that, refresher training is provided if it’s needed, as well as training should we introduce anything new.

Yes, as a consultant you do not have to work exclusively with us. The majority of our consultant lawyers don’t choose to take on multiple roles, but we understand that you may wish to and do not restrict your ability to do so.

Yes! Our Head Office in Guildford has plenty of space for our lawyers to work and meet clients, and our location on London’s Chancery Lane is also available for the same. This is particularly popular for its proximity to the capital’s legal heart.

Setfords consultants are also free to set up their own office locations, and we have a number of these locations across the country.

Absolutely! One of the biggest perks of being a consultant solicitor is the fact that you can set your own schedule. Whether you want to make the most of your early mornings, take meetings on weekends to fit your client’s schedule, or stick to the traditional 9-5, as a consultant solicitor it’s totally up to you.

Yes, as a Setfords consultant solicitor you are free to set your own fees if you wish. Please note that any pre-quoted work coming through our Business Development team will have set fees.
Becoming a consultant lawyer gives you amazing freedom and flexibility, including when and where you work. You can be based at home, at one of our offices, at your own office in the UK, or even your holiday home.

Most of our consultants choose to work primarily from home, but it all depends on what’s best for you and your clients. Whatever you choose, you won’t have to relocate, and we welcome consultants who are based all over England, Wales, and beyond.
We encourage our solicitors to take as much time as they want for holidays, and we also understand that sometimes you may be too unwell to work. However, this is never an issue at Setfords.

It’s highly likely that one of the other 450+ solicitors will be able to cover you during this time. We encourage networking with your fellow consultant solicitors, and the staff at Head Office can help you find people to cover you too. Failing that, you can bring in locum cover, but this is almost never necessary!
Our dedicated compliance department provides regular webinars and other similar material for our solicitors. Beyond this, the responsibility to seek continued professional development lies with you as a consultant.
Setfords provides all of our consultant solicitors with a desk VoIP phone and dictaphone to get you started. A deposit is taken for this. You will need to use your own computer and broadband connection to get started.

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