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Starting a law firm

Why becoming a consultant lawyer could be a smarter choice than starting your own law firm

Suppose you are considering setting up a law firm. In that case, you are probably the type of person who thinks entrepreneurially, believes they can achieve more, wants greater rewards for your tremendous efforts, and is searching for more control of your career and your life. Consultant lawyers at Setfords Solicitors think the same way. So, you might want to consider consultancy as an alternative.

Starting a law firm requires a considerable amount of financial resources and brings with it significant risk. Here at Setfords, we have made the investment so that you don’t have to! With us, you get all the benefits of running your own law firm without any of the risk attached. You earn up to 80% of what you bill, decide your working hours, set your billing targets, and choose where to work from.

We provide indemnity insurance, as well as all the support you will need to thrive as a consultant lawyer. From administrative and secretarial services to PR, marketing, web design and compliance, we’ve got everything covered without you having to worry about the details of how to start your own law firm. We even have a business development team generating millions of pounds in business for our consultants every single year. Imagine the type of investment you would need to make to achieve that level of support when starting a law firm of your own!

And there is no need to worry about offices – we have 14 office spaces and meeting room facilities across the country for you to make use of. This includes Setfords London, our space on prestigious Chancery Lane, which provides the perfect base for lawyers in the capital.

If you have the desire to start your own law firm, you are most likely looking for a better way of working. But before you take the leap into this stressful lifestyle, you should consider life as a consultant lawyer at Setfords. You get all of the benefits that can come with starting a law firm, namely the freedom and flexibility to do things your way.

But, with our unrivalled support structure, you don’t have to experience any of the downsides. Below you will find more information about how we work, interviews with our consultants about life at Setfords, and films about everything from job security to work-life balance.

Calculate how much you could earn

Our fee share structure is about honouring our commitment to our consultant lawyers to give them the rewards they deserve. At a traditional firm, you might expect to take home a third of your billings. And, with starting a law firm, there is no guarantee of how much you will earn, especially at first. But at Setfords, you can take home up to 80% of your billings for the same amount of work, or sometimes even less!

Don’t forget that all of our business building support is included in the fee split, with no extra charges.

Earnings Calculator

The best support in the industry

Our support structure is comprehensive, ensuring that our lawyers have everything they need to be successful in their roles. We offer a level of support that starting a law firm of your own simply couldn’t provide. Click here to find out even more about the support that Setfords offers.


Our expert accounts team deals with all financial transactions for Setfords, ensuring your clients can be confident their monies are being handled safely.

They also deal with those all-important invoices to ensure that you are paid for all of your hard work!

Business Development

Our business development team deals with thousands of leads every month. These convert to around £10 million worth of business every year, which gets passed onto our consultants to help you build your practice.


This is a director-led department overseeing all compliance matters within the firm. The team is always on hand to answer your queries and help your knowledge stay up to date, as well as ensure that the firm as a whole is compliant with regulations.

Design and Promotion

Just one arm of Setfords’ expert marketing team, our in-house designers work across all print and digital platforms to promote both the firm and individual lawyers with designs that effortlessly convey your message.

Management Support

Unlike traditional firms with partners that seem untouchable, our management team works with our lawyers every single day to ensure they are happy and have everything they need to work in the best way for them.

Digital Marketing

Our specialist team are experts in generating business through online channels and can help you plan your own marketing campaign.

Legal Support

If you need extra support, we can build a team around you using in-house lawyers, paralegals and trainee lawyers.

We understand that every lawyer’s needs are different, so we can work with you to build a team that makes sense for you and your clients.

PR & Communications

Our specialist media relations team can deliver media opportunities targeted at supporting your specific practice area, providing opportunities to be featured in legal journals and other media.

Reception & Telecoms

Our receptionists are trained to deliver a seamless service to any incoming callers, pass on messages, point callers in the right direction, and be a friendly first impression for any clients who visit our offices in Guildford or London.


Every piece of post received at Setfords is scanned and uploaded to our case management system, allowing you to work in an uninterrupted and paperless environment if desired. This gives your clients a more seamless experience, too.

Secretarial Support

Our highly-trained team is responsible for all typing and document preparation. You dictate; we do the rest. It really is that simple!

The secretarial team will also assist you with training on our systems so you can work efficiently from your very first day with Setfords.

Technical Support

Our IT team are on hand to ensure our remote working systems operate without interruption. They’ll also assist you with any IT issues you may have, from setting up your equipment to troubleshooting issues.

A professional network

As a consultant at Setfords, you don’t have to manage teams, but you can be part of one. We put a strong emphasis on building a robust internal network amongst our 450+ lawyers. Our lawyers find many opportunities to serve their clients better by confidently cross-referring work to others from this network. And, they can also regularly work in teams with other talented lawyers to deliver pitches or handle large-scale projects. Starting a law firm isn’t the only way to seek the opportunities you’re looking for!

Over 450 consultant lawyers
50+ disciplines
In 47 counties across England and Wales

Benefits of consulting vs starting a law firm:

Unlimited earning potential

Set your own work-life balance

Work from anywhere

140+ strong expert support team

Nationwide network of 500+ lawyers

A dedicated business development team

What our lawyers think about being a consultant at Setfords

The Setfords Vision

Why does Setfords exist and what do we believe in?

Earnings as a consultant solicitor at Setfords

How much could you earn as a Setfords consultant solicitor?

Support at Setfords

Find out more about Setfords industry-leading support.

Achieving a work-life balance at Setfords

Find out how you can achieve a better work-life balance at Setfords.

What our consultants say

Not only do I now have happier clients, but also a healthier work-life balance. A true win-win.

David Miers

Consultant (Stress at Work)

I love that it’s all up to me – what I do, when I work, I’m the master of my own destiny.

Maria Schultz

Consultant (Residential and Commercial Property)

It gives you a better work life balance, it gives you greater work satisfaction and it can boost your self-esteem. It has made me a happier and more confident lawyer.

Thowheetha Shaah

Consultant (Family Law)

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